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Antonio Alberto Casado - CEO de Iponuba Consultores

Antonio Alberto Casado – CEO of Iponuba Consultores

Iponuba Consultores, a company specialized in the economic area of ​​insurance distribution, risk management, optimization of financial and insurance resources, Compliance, and Digital Marketing for companies, professionals, individuals, and public corporations.

His career in the insurance and financial sector began with his first executive in 1989, more than 30 years ago, with CEO A. Alberto Casado occupying different management positions in both international and national insurance and financial entities, subsequently joining the world of insurance. distribution in 2010, combining experience in Companies and distribution, which gives us a broader vision of the needs of our clients and potential clients.

Since that date, different people have been incorporated, with extensive experience in the insurance and financial sector, forming a homogeneous group with high training and professional training aimed at meeting the needs of our clients and companies and searching for optimal solutions for your risks.



The fast evolution of the market and the need to join forces and synergies have led to our integration into Grupo Recoletos, Grupo Recoletos, an entity that supports us and expands the range of high-performance products for our clients: COMPANIES, ASSOCIATIONS, PROFESSIONAL COLLEGES AND CORPORATIONS PUBLIC, incorporating products such as:

  • Digital marketing.
  • Creation of new brokerages.
  • Compliance.
  • Cyber ​​Security.

Flexibility, Adaptability, Protection, Personalized and Effective Advice, Cost Savings, and Closeness, are our hallmarks.

Give us a try, and we will demonstrate the efficiency of our solutions and organization at your service every day.


Svitlana Lana Zamiraylo – Responsable de administración

Svitlana Lana Zamiraylo – Administration manager

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